About Us

THE BRAND Doux Sept is a New Orleans, LA  based jewelry company. Our focus is creating contemporary, luxury pieces that push design boundaries. We offer unique pieces that are essential for men.img-9719-1-.png

ABOUT US Doux Sept was organized in 2014 by our Lead Designer, Patrick G. Hill Jr.  Patrick, fueled by his love for the extraordinary, decided to take matters into his own hands and add his mark to the industry that he loves so dearly. By designing jewelry that not only looks good but that also meant something was important to him. Patrick realized there wasn’t many options available to men, so he focused on filling that void in the men's department. His aesthetic is for people who recognize the importance of Power, Prayer and Protection. All of his designs stand alone as THE STATEMENT PIECE or work together with other designs to curate wearable art. 

OUR VISION Gathering the best materials from around the world to be put together and handcrafted in our workshop. Our vision is to provide men with sleek handmade bracelets using high quality precious gemstones with meaning. We guarantee every design is made with prayer, healing, & meditation materials.
THE MISSION Doux Sept’s mission is to design timeless pieces of jewelry, from our  smallest to our largest designs.